About Harambaša Hostel

Imagine the scenary:

They come like swallows with the first brilliant sunshine in April. One can observe them in crowds or wandering independently, until they find the right people to move with, on their long journeys. These drifters, living with the strength and spirit of adventure in all its forms, are known as backpackers. During the warm months, the route from Dubrovnik, Sarajevo and Belgrade is continuously explored by them.

Just armed with a guide book and oral recommendations from other travelers, they pass through Trebinje.

Right away they feel cached by the scenery, but nearly nowhere on their jaunt they discover a sheltering base; one where they can rest, laugh and find joy with like-minded people.   

It is up to Harambaša Hostel to solve this problem, and welcome people on their Interrail, Busabout, Eurail trips to Trebinje, introducing to them the infinite beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina – the Heart-shaped Land.